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Khosla Keynotes Gender Conference

Khosla provided the keynote address  for the Gender Identity Center of Colorado’s 9th annual Colorado Gold Rush Conference in Denver, Colorado.

“We’re truly excited to have someone of Dhillon’s immense character and talent keynote the Gender Identity Conference,” stated Eden Lane, the Colorado Gold Rush event chairwoman. “Dhillon Khosla is truly an inspiration of what it means to be true to yourself despite insurmountable odds.”

“I am honored to have been selected to address the Gender Identity Conference,” said Khosla. “The mission and values of the Gender Identity Center and its conference mirror my own personal beliefs of accepting others for who they are, including both gender identity and expression. On a personal note, I feel most comfortable under such a broad and inclusive label.”

Khosla featured on cover of OutFront Colorado Magazine

Khosla was featured on the cover issue of OutFront Colorado magazine. The issue contains an interview with journalist Matt Kailey.

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